About Dr Navin Tiwari

Dr Navin Tiwari is One of the Experienced & Leading Neuro Physician Practicing in Indore since 2013. He is director and consulting neurologist at Asian Neuro Centre Indore.

Specialist In Treatment of

  • Migraine & Other Headache Disorders
  • Parkinson and other movement disorder
  • Alzheimer’s and other dementia disorders
  • Positional vertigo and other vertigo disorders
  • Muscle and neuropathic disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • stroke
  • Cervical and lumbar spondylitis
  • Spinal cord disorders
  • Neuro-ophthalamic and neuro- otolaryngeal disorders
  • Neuroinfectious disorders

Associated Hospitals

  • Medanta Hospital Indore
  • Gokuldas Hospital
  • Vishesh Hospital
  • Greater Kailash Hospital

Dr Navin Tiwari is a neurologist Practicing in Indore India, & has a Broad Understanding of his subject & Utilises his knowledge in treating patients with various neurological disorders. Dr Navin Tiwari Is One Of the Experienced neuro physician With More than 7 Years Of Clinical Experience & Practice In Indore. He Ranks amongst the best neurologist for the treatment of migraine, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinsons, dementia, vertigo and pain management He is amongst the few Prominent neurologists to have performed various manoeuvre for the treatment of positional vertigo in India & being the first in Indore District.

He Leads a Team of Dedicated Doctors & Highly Skilled/Trained Health Professionals to offer world-class treatment for the various neurological disorder.

He travels extensively across the Globe to the Leading Centres of Excellency in neurology in his Quest to Upgrade his Skills and Knowledge in Management of neurological Patients so that the same treatment which is available Globally & Internationally is also available to his Patients at his Asian Neuro Centre at an affordable Price Maintaining the Equivalent Standards & Parameters.

His command over communication skills coupled with his empathetic disposition enables him to build rapport with his patients and thereby maintain a strong doctor-patient bond.

Apart from Practising Neurology for several Years, Dr Navin Tiwari has Served as a Teacher, Chief Instructor, Tutor, Eminent Speaker, Moderator & Faculty for many Prestigious Presentations, CME, Patient Awareness Program, Cadaveric Workshops, State, National & International Forums/ Conferences Held in State India & Abroad.

Dr Navin Tiwari did his Undergraduate From Shyam shah medical college, Rewa, MP & went on to Complete his Post Graduation in Medicine from Gajra Raja Medical College, Gwalior. He was one of the bright students & The President of the Students Council for the Prestigious College during his Medical Training Program. He developed Special Interest In neurology during his PostGraduation Training. He was trained under Eminent & Renowned Neurologist Dr Santosh Tripathi sir while in Gwalior. He then further went on to get himself trained by Eminent & Leading Neurologist like Dr Kameshwar Prasad, Dr Madhuri Bihari, Dr M M Mehandiratta from Delhi. Dr Navin Tiwari, completed his doctorate in neurology from the famous King George Medical University, Lucknow.

Dr Navin Tiwari acquired his grounding in Neurology under the tutelage of eminent faculty members of KGMU (Lucknow) – Prof. Devika Nag, Prof. Rakesh Shukla and Prof. R K Garg, each being a person of high stature and authority. He thereby received rigorous training in neurodiagnostic tests encompassing EEG, VEEG, NCS, Autonomic Function Tests, Trans-cranial Doppler Study together with Botulinum toxin injection therapy.

On the research front, Dr Tiwari is associated with several international clinical trials as an investigator. In his role as an investigator, Dr Tiwari diligently meets all research expectations in an ethical and fair manner. His publications that have featured in national and international journals cater to a wide audience. Propelled by a quest for knowledge, Dr Tiwari regularly attends workshops and conferences in the field of Headache, Epilepsy, Movement Disorder and Stroke.