Asian Neuro Centre, Indore Celebrates 2nd Anniversary!

एशियन न्यूरो सेंटर मे आने वाले मरीजों के लिये दिशा निर्देश !
एशियन न्यूरो सेंटर मे आने वाले मरीजों के लिये दिशा निर्देश !
May 24, 2020
Happy Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day
June 21, 2020
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Asian Neuro Centre, Indore Celebrates 2 nd Anniversary!

Asian Neuro Centre, Indore Celebrates 2 nd Anniversary!

Greetings of Good health to you.
For adding to the joyous spirit of our journey with your Love and more to achieve, it is a matter of profound happiness for the Asian Neuro Centre celebrating its 2nd Anniversary.

We thank and salute all the good hearts who stood by us in serving the community and humanity better. It’s been 2 years since we embarked on a mission to provide highest quality of Neurocare at an affordable cost which is accessible to everyone and building an awareness to make people more proactive, rather than reactive, about their health.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the People of the Malwa and Nimaar region for their continued support. It has been a humbling experience to see Asian Neuro Centre becoming part of the Indore in just a small span of time and has got a reputation of renowned Neuro centre in central India.

We wish to thank all our Patients whose faith & trust in us has been our cardinal driving force. Over the year we continued to hear incredibly positive feedback from patients and their families all made possible by our modern facility and the dedication of our skilled doctor and health care professionals.

We humbly thank all our Doctors who have joined hands with us in this divine mission. Thank you for inspiring us in all these years. Your positive feedback is what motivates us to thrive continuously in this field. We thank all our staff, friends, well wishers who have all been a part of this transformation and growth.

In the coming year, it is our promise to give our unflinching commitment in continuing to provide excellence in Neurocare, with utmost determination & compassion. We are committed to “Adding Life to Years “and Bringing Smile to the Faces and Giving A Pain Free life to patients. There is no greater gift than that of good health.

Again Thank you All for your support and kindness.



  1. Dr Sanjay birle says:

    Congratulations sir ji

  2. Pankaj says:

    Congratulations Sir for successful year and years ahead and support.

  3. DEEPAK JADAV says:

    Best neurologist in indore

  4. riya jadav says:

    My mother could not sleep overnight, was in Tanzin, was in depression, ever since she showed me my mother has recovered

  5. Dr.Shahrukh shaikh says:


  6. Dinesh prasad Pandey says:

    Congratulations to you and team for success journey of dedicated service in neurology

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