Why 2021 will be an Amazing Year? Dr. Navin Tiwari

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Why 2021 will be an Amazing Year? Dr. Navin Tiwari

Why 2021 will be an Amazing Year? Dr. Navin Tiwari

Although Corona will not vanish by itself but by the time Spring comes people are going to be out in the streets celebrating as if a great war has been won and the winner will be humanity. That’s all of us together, as a country, relieved and ready to build again.

The valuable lessons we have learned in 2020  will bear their fruits in 2021. We know now is we should take care of our bodies, so we have stronger constitutions to help us through times of sickness. Post-Covid there will be a lot more people in the world that exercise and try to live a healthier lifestyle. We’ve had our warning now and we are not going to ignore our health again. Covid has taught us to think about the future.  It has brought the best out of us.

During the crisis, a lot of very good people have been doing good things for others. In lots of countries, people volunteered to go shopping for those who couldn’t get out. We saw singing from balconies. We saw communities coming together.


This can only be good for the future. You and your neighbors might be closer than you’ve ever been before. It’s time to light up the BBQ in 2021 and invite all those helpful neighbors around for a drink and a burger. Many people reported getting closer to their families. When the virus is finally gone, maybe you’ll find you have a better relationship with all those around you.

Not only that, many people said during lockdown they learned to cook better. Others got into gardening and some folks spent time fixing up their house.  If anything, your house is going to be a better place to live in 2021. So, there you go. In the year 2021, you might feel closer to your family.

You might live in a world that cares more than ever about hygiene, health, and fitness. You might live in communities that are tighter than ever before. Your skies might be cleaner, and your roads might be less congested.

What’s not to like about the year 2021?

In 2020, we struggled but we learned to get along. In 2021, we will see the fruits of our understanding and kindness.

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