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Parkinson’s disease is a type of movement disorder that affects the nervous system of the human body. In that early stage of the disease, it is challenging to notice it. The person feels a tremor in one hand.

You may face minor issues initially. Soon, you may find it difficult to swing your hands while walking when you have Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms of the disease will worsen with time.

It will affect your speech and body movements. However, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. You can still consult the doctor and start taking the medicines if your condition could not come under control after taking the medicines. The neurologist will suggest you go for surgery to remove a specific part of your brain. It will improve your symptoms with time.

The cause behind Parkinson Disease

The neuron of the brain breakdown or dies of that person has Parkinson’s Disease. Most of the symptoms happen on the neurons loss and then, production of a chemical messenger in the brain, i.e., dopamine. The abnormal activity in the brain starts with a decrease in dopamine levels. It leads to other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and impaired movements in the body.

Get Best Treatment of Parkinson Disease at Asian Neuro Center Indore

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