Now Maheshwar and Mandleshwar Joined Hand with Renowned Neurologist and Epileptologist Dr Navin Tiwari, In His “fight Against Epilepsy”.
January 18, 2019
Dr. Navin with Dr. Ravi Verma
Treatment of Vertigo By Dr Navin Tiwari brings joy and smile after a year of agony and suffering due to Positional Vertigo.
February 7, 2019

Epilepsy Awareness Camp Organised On “ world Epilepsy Day” By Indore Renowned Neurologist and Epilleptologist and Director Asian Neuro Centre, Indore, Dr Navin Tiwari,
Unfortunately Misconceptions about epilepsy persist in many different countries. These may range from the thought that epileptic people are incapable of living normal productive lives, to that they are under the influence of supernatural powers. In some rural parts of India, superstition prevailed and attempts are made to exorcise “evil spirits” from people with epilepsy include beating with hot iron rods and starvation. Beliefs that epilepsy is the product of witchcraft or demonic possession, or is contagious, are still commonly prevalent in our country.. The result is that people with epilepsy in this context face significantly greater barriers to leading a normal life.
These thought were share by Dr Navin Tiwari, at Asian Neuro Cnetre, Indore ,where epilepsy awareness programme was organised on world epilepsy day. This programme was attendet by many NGO working on epilepsy, many social and health workers ,patient with epilepsy who got treated and cured. At this time a large camp was also organised for people suffering from epilepsy ,in this camp all the investigations and medicines were given at free of cost. To create awareness against epilepsy a candle march was also organised and each n every one took pledge to eradicate the epilepsy from society.

Dr Navin Tiwari is a neurologist Practicing in Indore India, & has a Broad Understanding of his subject & Utilises his knowledge in treating patients with various neurological disorders. Dr Navin Tiwari Is One Of the Experienced neuro physician With More than 7 Years Of Clinical Experience & Practice In Indore. He is the recipient of “ Madhya Pradesh Health Care Excellence Award in Field Of Neurology 2018” & Ranks amongst the best neurologist for the treatment of migraine, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinsons, dementia, vertigo and pain management He is the first neurologists to have established Epilepsy Clinic In Indore.



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