Every headche is not because of Brain Tumor

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June 13, 2018
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June 13, 2018
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Every headche is not because of Brain Tumor

This is the second side of coin, that most of the patients in headache clinics of neurologist come with so much of apprehensions, anxiety and doubt that whether their headache is because of brain tumour. They frequently ask”sir kahin mujhe brain tumor to nahin”
This unreasonable thought in their mind creates misconception and panic. Slowly n slowly pateint start taking stress and landup in an another variety of headache know as “Tension type of heaache”. Tumor induced headache is a variety of secondary headache with less incidence and prevalence.

Asian neuro centre team educate and aware patient about specific symptoms n signs of tumour induced headaches. . Patients with headache in general and migraine in particular are reassured that brain tumor is very likely not a consequence of their disorder.
याद रखें…
“कहीं आपका सिरदर्द आपके जीवन भर का दर्द न बन जाये”

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