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Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder that affects the nervous system of the body. However, this disease affects the movement in the body. The initial symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include tremors in the hands, slow movement, and stiffness in the body. However, the patient has no signs of Parkinson’s disease signs.

List of Symptoms of Parkinson disease

The symptoms and signs of Parkinson’s disease are different for every person. However, the early signs are mild. Therefore, people are unable to notice it. The symptoms affect one side of the body and then, become worse.

  • Changes in Speech: You may start speaking softly, quickly, or slur. Still, you will find it difficult to talk to any person.
  • Unable to Write: You may feel difficult to write, and your writing will appear small.
  • Decrease in ability to perform automatic movements: Your ability to do the automatic movements like blinking, smiling and swinging arms when you walk will decrease.
  • Muscle stiffness: Muscle stiffness can happen in any body part. Still, it will become painful with time.
  • Difficult in performing simple tasks: However, Parkinson’s disease slower downs your body movement. You cannot do routine tasks.
  • Shake of hands: The shaking of hands or fingers happens when you have Parkinson’s disease.

When to consult the doctor

You are suffering from this disease, then; you can consult the expert neurologist team of Dr. Navin Tiwari at Asian Neuro Center. However, you are facing the issue of swinging hands while walking and the issue of speaking. Then, it is time to approach the doctor for diagnosis for treatment. Asian Neuro Center’s experienced team can effectively handle neurological diseases like headaches, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and vertigo. You are facing any symptoms of Parkinson’s disease; you then consult the doctor immediately.


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