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While treating a patient of Parkinson’s disease i have seen many patients and their caregivers have so many doubts regarding the medicines. Regarding why timing is important, with or after food, side effects etc.
So i have tried to allay their queries with following tips.

 As a PD patient, you must understand that you have to take medicines for lifetime. There is no chance to escape. You need to accept this fact as early as possible and you have to be comfortable with it. You must understand the effect that each medicine has over your body and mind. Modern medicine, if taken intelligently, allows you to live a comfortable life for many decades.

 Parkinson disease drugs (PD) are usually introduced in low doses by neurologist and are slowly increased over weeks or months. PD drugs often take several weeks or months to develop their full beneficial effects. So, you have to be patient.

 Don’t stop taking your PD medication abruptly or change the dosage without consulting your doctor.

 In some cases, drugs at the initial or existing dosage start causing severe side effects. Don’t worry for that. But, consult your neurologist because you may need minor adjustments in your drug regime.



 If you feel nauseous from your medicines like syndopa, a very common initial side effects, take them just after meals. For the best results while using Levopoda, take the drug one hour before or one hour after your meal. This will cause increased absorption of the medicine and you get a more reliable and favourable response from the levodopa.

 Most important thing try to take your PD medication exactly on time. Missing a dose by even 15 to 30 minutes can result in a sudden fluctuations ‘off’ which may need more than one dose of medication and many hours to recover from.

 You need to carry your medicines with you at all times. Keep a few doses, a bottle of water and a few breads or fruits with you always.

 After few years sometimes, you may feel worse than before, like you may developed uncontrolled body movements (dyskinesia’s) Don’t get panic because P.D. progresses very slowly and not on a day-to-day basis, And you need a dose adjustment.


Here at Asian Neuro Centre we are having specialized PARKINSON CLINIC in Indore which is committed to provide world class treatment of Parkinson in Indore. In Parkinson clinic apart from disease information we provide counselling, patient education, caregivers counselling, by various audio video mode,comprehensive. Parkinson care is our motto at Parkinson clinic.

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