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Tic disorder happens in children. It is a rapidly occurring motor movement, and vocalization occurs in the kids. However, if any child suffers from both vocal tics and motor, then the child is diagnosed with Tourette’s disorder.

On the other hand, the child has been diagnosed with a chronic motor disorder or vocal tic disorder; he suffers from vocal tics or motor tics. The transient tics occur commonly during the development of tics problems in children.

This problem’s persistent raises concern with time. Moreover, chronic tics disorder occurs in children before they attain 18 years of age.

Tics Treatment for Childern In Indore

Risk Factors of Tics Disorder

However, the boys are more affected by the tics problem in comparison with the girls. On the other hand, the children may suffer from this tics condition when they are tired, excited, and sometimes anxious.

Diagnosis procedure of Tics Disorder

The tics problem appears in children before 18 years of age. Additionally, the kids face single or multiple tics issue in them. However, it should not be both. These are some conditions occurring in the children; then, the parents should visit the neurologist to diagnose vocal tics disorder or chronic motor disorder.

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