Dr.Navin Tiwari was felicitated by Stroke Group

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April 7, 2019
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June 4, 2019
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Dr.Navin Tiwari was felicitated by Stroke Group

Dr.Navin Tiwari was felicitated by Stroke Group

On 14/4/19 , Director of Asian Neuro Centre and one of  the best neurogist in indore Dr Navin Tiwari was Felicitated by Apple Body and Mind Temple Stroke support group Indore. The Stroke Group was celebrating its anniversary on sunday, 14 april 19.

The group regularly meets at Apple Mind and Body Temple group at South Tukoganj Organiser Miss Kanchi said: “The group welcomes anyone who has been affected by a stroke, whether they are a patient, family member, friend or carer.”

On anniversary celebration meeting, Dr Navin Tiwari was invited as Chief guest speaker.
Dr.Navin Tiwari was felicitated by Stroke Group

He said it was always a very relaxed atmosphere and an opportunity to discuss issues which will hopefully help offload a lot of stress for people. Dr Navin Tiwari appreciated the organisors for their efforts to create and running such a wonderful group. Led by stroke survivors, the group’s goal is to provide emotional and psycho/social support for patients and caregivers who have experienced stroke in their lives. Following a stroke, patients and families often experience some dramatic changes. Many of these changes are stressful, dreadful for the survivor and the family. Stroke support like this groups enable stroke survivors and families to help themselves and each other by sharing experiences, advice, and support and such group can help in creating awareness regarding stroke.Feeling of Depression sometimes the hardest part of having a stroke is the feeling that you are alone. He added that
80 million people in the world have had a stroke out of this 50 million stroke survivors live with some form of permanent disability. If anyone have had a stroke, or care for someone who has, one thing is for sure – you are not alone, stroke support groups are always there to help you get up again after stroke.

Organising commitee member said
Stroke groups offer support for people who have had a stroke and are a good way of meeting other stroke survivors and their families. Group are usually run by volunteers and regular meetings are held in local halls or community centres.
Each club and group is different, but most offer activities. These can include everything from speakers, outings and art classes through to communication and exercise sessions.

Dr Navin Tiwari also shared his experiences with stroke patient, diacuss about the cause and treatment, physiotheraphy.He said after a stroke, it may not be as easy to do the things you did before, but it’s not impossible.There are lots of things out there that can help you continue to enjoy hobbies and other activities. These include adaptations and specialist equipment, organisations offering advice, and local groups that you can join. You may want to return to interests you enjoyed before your stroke, or try out some new ones.

Such good support groups allow a safe place for caregivers and family members to discuss the challenges associated with caring for a loved one who has experienced a stroke.  These meetings assist in maintaining the mental health of caregivers, reducing “burnout,” and allowing for increased positive interactions between the older adult and their caregiver. Positive caregivers with the proper resources and adequate support can assist in facilitating recovery. They can help with home exercise programs, challenging the appropriate areas in need to help foster improvements with the older adult’s functioning.
Dr Navin Tiwari promised that Asian Neuro centre which is among the best neuro centre will continue to be a integrate part of this stroke support group and is ready to offer its facilities for the treatment of sroke in Indore and central India.

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