Epilepsy Symptoms in Children, Epilepsy Child Treatment in Indore

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November 15, 2021
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November 20, 2021

The cause of epilepsy is the seizures happening in the brain. Around 3 million Americans are struggling with this neurological condition. It has been estimated that around two-thirds of children population in the world are suffering from seizures. Seizures occur in the children during the first year of their life. Each child suffers from seizures differently. Medication can control seizures in children.

Types and Symptoms of Epilepsy in Children

There are two types of seizures focal and generalized seizures. 

Focal Seizures: Focal Seizures affect only one side of the brain of the children. The child experiences the occurrence of seizure before the focal seizure arrives. It is similar to the beginning of the aura of seizure, and it will include changes in vision, smell, or hearing. The child will realize some familiar feelings such as euphoria and fear at the time of seizure.

Generalized Seizures: Generalized seizures happening in children affect both sides of the brain. It causes consciousness loss in children. They feel tired sleepy after the seizure. The later effect after the seizure has known as a postictal seizure.

Epilepsy Symptoms in Children, Epilepsy Child Treatment in Indore

Epilepsy Symptoms in the Children

Parents, teachers, and other people surrounding the children should notice the epilepsy symptoms in children. They need to do so. There will be some changes in the behavior of the children. You need to consult the neurologist for the diagnosis. 

  • Giving no response.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Unable to remember things.
  • Grabbling movements in babies.
  • Repeated fear and anger in the children.
  • Unusual movements in the children include rapid blinking or head nodding.

You notice these symptoms in your children then, start taking them seriously and taking them to the doctor. Your children are at school, ask the teacher to do so. Medication is an effective way of controlling seizures in children.

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