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You have refractory epilepsy, then; the doctor will tell it to you. The medicines are unable to control the seizures. We call refractory epilepsy by the other names such as uncontrollable, intractable, or drug-resistant epilepsy.

Refractory Epilepsy Symptoms 

The person who has refractory epilepsy taking medicines cannot get rid of the symptoms that happen at the time of seizures. Seizures time lasts from few seconds to hours too.

The refractory epilepsy symptoms include:

  • Losing control on bladder or bowels
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Blackout
  • Tongue bite
  • Suddenly fall out

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Treatment Combination of Refractory Epilepsy

You can try different combinations of diet and medicine to control the seizures. In the treatment process of refractory epilepsy, the doctor will put you in the treatment in which your skin will receive signals.

It will cut down the number of seizures that may happen in your body. Neuropace Device is such a device that finds out about the episodes that occur in your brain. In addition to this, the device sends a shock to your brain.

Consult the doctor and discuss to prefer the surgery option to remove that part of the brain causing seizures. You are taking these treatments for controlling the seizures then; also, you need to take the medicines throughout your life.

It is natural anxiety in every person who has refractory epilepsy. However, when you consult, the doctor will tell you that your refractory epilepsy will not be sure. On the other hand, you do not need to struggle with this issue alone.

Family and friends’ emotional support will help to deal with the seizures happening in you. Ask them to support you. Apart from that, you can join a group where you stay with people suffering from refractory epilepsy.

Final Words 

It would help if you supported the people who have refractive epilepsy. It will help them to become strong in responding to the treatment. The people diagnosed with this disease can connect with the group of people suffering from it.

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