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Very often, one feels as if losing balance and loses voluntary control over their body. There is a sensation as if the world around is spinning or the person himself is spinning, and it is often described as head reeling. In scientific terms, this sensation, the dizzy feeling, is referred to as Vertigo. Vertigo is the whirling sensation where one loses the body balance and voluntary movement due to bad mental stress, physical nutrient deficiency, lack of oxygen level, or looking down from a great height. Vertigo is often not considered a severe disease that seeks immediate attention, but if neglected, worst consequences can be encountered.

Causes of Vertigo:-

Vertigo can be caused for several reasons, and stress is one of the biggest instigators of vertigo, leading to severe degradation in health conditions. Vertigo which lasts mostly for a minute or maybe 20 minutes and in the worst case for hours is caused by the following factors: –

  1. Vestibular neuritis:  The vestibular neuritis or labyrinthitis is a viral infection in the inner ear and the vestibular nerve, which causes the inflammation of the nerves across the inner ear, which are important for body balance.
  2. BPPV- BPPV: stands for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo which refers to the disorder in which tiny calcium particles are dislocated and clot near the inner ear disrupting the neural transmissions to the brain. This is often associated with age.
  3. Meniere’s disease: is an inner ear disorder wherein fluid clots and the ear pressure constantly changes, resulting in hearing disorder and tinnitus (ringing of ears) apart from vertigo.
  4. Migraine: A severe headache accompanied by a nauseous sensation, often regarded as a migraine, is another caused of vertigo which makes it even worse, lasting for hours together.

Vertigo- symptoms and causes

Symptoms of Vertigo:-

One can know that they are going through vertigo by observing the following symptoms:-

  1. Feeling of tilting.
  2. Bad headache or increased sweating.
  3. Nausea or vomiting.
  4. Loss of balance.
  5. The feeling of the floor spinning.
  6. Hearing disorder or ringing of ears.
  7. Loss in vision or double vision.
  8. Ear drainage or severe ear pain.

How to stop Vertigo?

To control vertigo, one should immediately visit an otolaryngologist or ENT for medicine or surgery or apply home remedies like applying various oils and carrying out required exercises.

Conclusion: –

Vertigo and dizziness are often considered the same. Still, in the case of vertigo, people spin movements even when there is no movement, whereas, in dizziness, people get a sense of imbalance. Vertigo is of two types like peripheral vertigo and central vertigo and generally stops automatically. If not, urgent medical attention is advisable.

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