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7 Stage of Alzheimer Disease – Dr. Navin Tiwari – asianneurocentre.com

Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. The disease develops gradually, and its progression is typically categorized into several stages.

The stages of Alzheimer’s are worth noting hence it is very crucial to know about them below are some of the stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

7 Stage of Alzheimer Disease - Dr. NavinTiwari - asianneurocentre.com

 Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease

Let’s explore the different stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Stage 1: Regular External Behaviour

Alzheimer’s disease typically develops slowly over years before anyone detects any changes in their mental state.  Whether they have Alzheimer’s can be determined through a brain imaging test that demonstrates how the brain functions.

  • Stage 2: Very Minor Alterations

People still might not feel anything is wrong with them. This could involve losing track of items or forgetting words.

  • Stage 3: Mild Loss

At this time, you begin to see modifications in your loved one’s reasoning and thinking. forgets what they just read, keeps asking the same question, Has increasing difficulty organizing or making plans, and when meeting new individuals, has trouble remembering names.

  • Stage 4: Medium Loss

In this stage, the thinking and reasoning challenges you noticed in stage 3 become more pronounced, and new problems start to emerge.

  • Stage 5: Mildly Serious

They can have problems recalling their home location, contact information, or their former school.  They could become perplexed about the appropriate attire for the time of year or day.

  • Stage 6: Strong Loss

As the disease worsens, they may also mistakenly identify someone as someone else, such as believing their wife to be their mother. Delusions could develop, such as the belief that they must report to work despite no longer having one.

  • Stage 7: Extremely Rapid Loss

During this time, a person with Alzheimer’s loses several fundamental skills like eating, walking, and sitting up. Alzheimer’s patients in this stage require a lot of assistance from their carers.


It’s important to note that the progression of Alzheimer’s disease can vary from person to person. The duration of each stage can also differ, ranging from several months to several years.

Proper diagnosis, treatment, and support from a doctor can help manage symptoms and improve the quality of life for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and their families.


Dr. Navin Tiwari
Consulting Neurologist

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