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November 3, 2021
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November 6, 2021

Diwali is the most important festival of the Indians. Furthermore, we call it the festival of lights. Diwali is five days long, which starts from Dhanteras to Bhai Dooj. People celebrate Diwali twenty days after Dussehra. Diwali is on November 4, 2021, this year.

Five Days of Diwali Celebrations

  • Dhanteras: Dhanteras is celebrated across India on November 2, 2021. People pray to Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi on this day. They buy new things, gold, silver and steel items as it is a good sign.
  • Naraka Chaturdasi: The second day is the Choti Diwali or Naraka Chaturdasi. According to Hindu mythology, believed that Lord Krishna killed Narakasura demon. People offer prayers to the god wearing new clothes and light diyas in their houses on this day. It is on November 3, 2021.
  • Lakshmi Puja Diwali: Lakshmi Puja is the main festive day on Diwali on November 4, 2021. People perform Lakshmi Puja on this day. It is the day when the main Diwali celebrations take place. Lord Ram with Sita and Lakshman came to Ayodhya on this day. The people welcomed them by decorating the city of diyas.

Everything to know about Diwali

  • Govardhan Pooja: We celebrate Govardhan Pooja on November 5, 2021, after the Diwali celebrations. People worship Lord Krishna on Govardhan Pooja. They believe that Lord Krishan helped the Mathura people from Indra by lifting the Govardhan Mountain. People prepare Govardhan miniature by using the cow dung and worshipping it. They cook 56 types of dishes and drinks to offer to Lord Krishna as gratitude.
  • Bhai Dooj: It is the fifth and final day of the Diwali celebrations on November 6, 2021. Bhai Dooj is the day to celebrate the bond between the brothers and sisters. Sisters put tilak on their brother’s forehead. Siblings exchange gifts and celebrate this special day together with joy and happiness.

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