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Some of the unrecognizable symptoms happen in the person who has Parkinson’s disease. These types of symptoms include lack of coordination, shaking, tremors, and difficulty in speaking. However, the symptoms will worsen as the disease progresses in the person.

5 Stages of Parkinson Disease are as follows:

  • Stage 1: The mildest Parkinson’s disease happens at stage 1 in the person. The symptoms will occur in the person but not at severe levels. It will not affect your body in performing the daily tasks.
  • Stage 2: In stage 2, the Parkinson’s disease symptoms occur in the moderate form. It becomes noticeable in the person. The person will start feeling stiffness, changes in facial expressions, and voice trembling. They will face difficulty in walking with the progression of the disease. The posture of the person will change.

Stages of Parkinson Disease

  • Stage 3: The middle stage in Parkinson’s disease is stage 3. It is the turning point in the disease progression. Most of the symptoms are similar to stage 2. Parkinson’s starts affect the normal activities of the person suffering from it.
  • Stage 4: The person is unable to remain independent when they reach stage 4. They are unable to stand without taking assistance. The person required a walker to walk properly.
  • Stage 5: The most advanced stage of Parkinson’s disease is stage 5. Around 50% of people struggle with hallucination, confusion, and delusion while suffering from the disease. Delusion happens when you believe in things that are not true in any sense. Dementia is a common condition in Parkinson’s disease stage 5, and 50% to 80% of people suffer from dementia. Advanced stiffness happens in the legs of the person. They are unable to stand properly on their legs.

The person’s health who has Parkinson’s disease affects as the stages progress from stage 1 to stage 5. They need proper medical care under the guidance of the doctor.

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Dr. Navin Tiwari
Consulting Neurologist

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