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World Stroke Day is on October 29. The day is observed to know the seriousness of the stroke rate and create high awareness. All the organizations worldwide come together to make people aware and educate them about initiatives to control the stroke rates.

Therefore, they organize many events that will help educate people about the harmful effects of stroke. In addition, they guide about the diagnosis and treatment of it. For example, the world Stroke Organization (WSO) started the event World Stroke Day in 2006.

It becomes an outgoing campaign to interface and advocate the policy; outreach and support continue to guide the people on World Stroke Day.

World Stroke Day 2021

The history behind the World Stroke Day

Stroke is becoming the world’s widespread disease. It is the single largest disease that causes disability in the majority of people across the world. Furthermore, it is the second-largest cause behind people’s death worldwide. The lifetime stroke risk among people is 1 out of 4.

5.5 million people are struggling to deal with stroke issues. European Stroke Initiative decided to observe World Stroke Day for the first time in 1990. However, the initiative could not proceed worldwide due to the financial constraint and remained confined to Europe only.

The World Stroke Congress in Vancouver, Canada, decided to start World Stroke Day in 2004. All the organization continues to make sincere efforts to be aware of the harmful effects related to strokes. In addition, some changes in their lifestyle can help them to deal with the complications.

The theme of World Stroke Day 2021

The theme of World Stroke Day 2021 is “minutes can save lives” for October 29, 2021. The focus of the World Stroke Congress is to guide the people in improving the awareness campaigns highlight how we can save the lives of people suffering from a stroke. Every minute is important for the person suffering from a stroke.

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