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Tremors are uncontrollable and unintentional movements that happen in the body. It occurs in the limb or any one part of the body. However, the problem happens there is an issue in the brain that controls the muscular movements. People do not take these tremor seriously. However, it could become a significant disorder.

There are two types of tremors are resting and action. 

  • Resting Tremors: Resting Tremor happens in the body when you are lying or sitting. This tremor occurs in your body and goes away soon. It affects the fingers and hands.
  • Action Tremors: Action Tremor occur in the body during the movement in the affected part. Therefore, the subcategories of the action tremor include intension tremor, postural tremor, task-specific tremor, kinetic tremor, and isometric tremor.

The cause behind the occurrence of tremor. The common causes of tremors are as follows:

  • Aging
  • Stroke
  • Medications
  • Parkinson Disease 
  • Alcohol Consumption 
  • Brain Injury
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Stress
  • Indigestion 

Diagnosis of tremors

You experience stress and anxiety then, these tremor occur in any part of the body. The doctor will diagnose the tremor through the physical examination and go for the EMG test. On the other hand, the EMG test does the measurement of the muscle response and nervous system.

Types of tremors,

List of treatments to cure tremors 

  • Medicines: Some common medicines given to the patient to treat tremors include anti-seizure medications and beta-blockers.
  • Botox Injections: The patient gets instant relief from tremor after taking the botox injections.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical Therapy helps strengthen your muscles and improve your condition.

Doctors will give you medications to control the tremor. Sometimes, these tremors go away with time. Therefore, the patient should take it seriously before consulting with the doctor to start the medications for tremor treatment.

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